Grace Place

Everyone needs a place to call home.

A place of unconditional love and support. A place of grace.


The greatest feat of a parent of a child with special needs is what happens if their child outlives them. Where will they live? Will they have a place to call home? As life expectancy for this population increases, long-term care has become a critical need. 

Total independent living is not an option for most adults with special needs. Grace Place will provide an inclusive residential community, empowering our Citizens to flourish as they live, work, and worship in an environment designed specifically with them in mind.

At BiG, we believe true community is realized when we learn to appreciate our complementary strengths and weaknesses; where together we become all that God intends us to be. Through Grace Place, we will build upon our successful experience of providing an innovative vocational community and will create a beautiful, life-giving residential community where our Citizens will thrive for a lifetime!

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