BiG Staff

Department Heads

Erin Kiltz: Founder/Executive Director Emeritus

Luke Ellis: Executive Director

Tim Curtis: Director of Mission Advancement

Julia Byars: Director of Residential

Anne Muilman: Human Resources

Josh Parker: Director of Operations

Sarah Richardson: Controller

Jennifer Fagan: Vocational Program Director & Admissions


Debbie Guinn: Assistant Director of Mission Advancement

Amber Roberson: Mission Advancement - Marketing

Noah Griffin: Mission Advacement

Janice Mason: Accounting

Conni Thoms: Accounting


Summer Kennedy: Program Director - Main Campus

Ava Schwarzlose: Lead Job Supervisor - LIGHT Campus

Lane Cagle: Lead Job Supervisor - ATX Campus

Volunteer Staff

Robin Gilleland: Shop Merchandizing

Caroline Knauth: Safety Coordinator


Isaiah McCargo: Cafe Manager


Amanda Rosiles: Shop Manager

Karen Walo: Outside Sales Manager

Jodi Franke: Inventory Specialist


Tina Hubbart: Weekend Home Supervisor

Kelsey O'Meara: Residential Home Manager

Jena Marcott: Residential Home Manager

"By the grace of God, our community was created and continues to grow and serve."