BiG Staff

Department Heads

Erin Kiltz: Founder/Executive Director

Stephanie Johnson: Director of Operations

Jennie Thollander: Director of Program Expansion

Jack Raia: Chef/BOH Café Manager

Matt Vest: Greenhouse Manager

Kristy Matthews: Shop Manager


Anne Muilman: Admissions Coordinator

Ashley Emmert: Graphic Designer/Special Events Coordinator

Ivonne Rodriguez: Volunteer Coordinator

Isa Inguanzo: Administrative Assistant

Luke Ellis: Director of Community Outreach and Core Services


Adèle Brown: Lead Job Supervisor

Billy McMahan: Lead Job Supervisor

Mary Margaret Bracken: Lead Job Supervisor

Bethany Scott: Job Supervisor

Cathi Stallings: Job Supervisor

Noah Griffin: Job Supervisor

Katie Luckie: Job Supervisor

Keith Haughton: Job Supervisor

Rachel McCoy: Job Supervisor

Clare Hickey: Job Supervisor

Andi Ritcher:  Job Supervisor

Pam Hanes: Job Supervisor

Molly Stroud: Job Supervisor


CJ Barnard: Cafe Citizen Supervisor

Lyntrell Green: Line Cook/Prep


Diane Shapiro: Buying Manager

Jaycie Wright: Customer Relations Coordinator

Landrey Fulmer: Shop Associate

Lisa Lucas: Shop Associate

“By the grace of God, our community was created and continues to grow and serve.”